here comes the sun
That's me !


Me, many years ago !!!

 Angelika in 1999 and 2001 !
It's me on my last time in the Alcatel ! (1999)
Angelika (Aug.2001)
Cowgirl Angelika !! *bg*

I worked for a large electronic company called Alcatel in Stuttgart.
My job, as an assistant to the Manager Order Realization was very stressful, but I loved it !
On end of July 1999 I left that company.

I'm a little bit mourn about it, for I've had a great boss and nice colleagues !

From first of January 2000 on, I'll work for a new company called
debis Systemhaus GmbH.

In this company I'm responsible for Technical Support EDI-Hotline. This is new for me
and I'm happy to do a new interesting job. So I can broaden my horizons.

Yeah, a millennium job - it can be only magnificently !

Since 2001 our company has changed (aehm, was sold) to a big company named


They are a daughter of TELEKOM.


My town of birth  Marbach am Neckar
My budgerigar's
 Winni and Woody


In german slang:  Heckabeerlesgäu !

My place of residence !

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