My budgerigars Winni and Woody


Winni and Woody
Winni (behind) and Woody (in front)

They are really nice clowns.
Everytime if I watch TV or have a phone call, they make lots of noice !

My health needed that I had to separate me from my budgerigars !

Since July 1999 Winni lives in a new home with really nice people
and also nice budgerigars. Woody left this world (I think so),
he has flown through a mishap out of their new home.

We all are very mournful for Woody !


Tweety (left) and Winni
Winni found his "old" girlfriend Tweety again and he loves she very well ! 

Tweety too, 
is giving him everytime kisses and hugs !

Sometimes Winni needs a little bit time-out, because the love is strenuous ! 

Their are the friends of Winni which lives with him !
Schneewittchen, Woody, Tweety, Winni and Cherry 
(from the left)


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