My parents and my brother

Earth Angel

The Fitzon's !!! (Hans, Herbert and Marianne)
The german Fitzon's

Today (6th of February 2000, the 80th birthday of my father)
my mother has been taken from us !

Thanks God for given redemption.

My beloved mother will never come back !

Geliebte Mama

ich weiß, daß ich Dich gehen lassen muß !

Diesen Frieden habe ich Dir auch gewünscht und doch
fällt es sehr schwer !

Es ist so endgültig, so unabänderlich !

Ich weiß, daß Du dort wo Du jetzt bist,
gut aufgehoben bist.

Ich werde Dich nie vergessen und begleite Dich
zu Deiner letzten Ruhestätte.

Ich liebe Dich !
Deine Angelika

My beloved mother

Why did you leave me alone on this world ?

There's a big hole in my heart !

It hurts me so much !

I miss you so much !

Oh Mum

it's so mournful without you
today I visited your grave and I didn't understand.
I was shocked as I was conscious of:
- you are far a way
- you will never come back to me
- you are also alone, without me.
Hope you've found your peace,
hope I can find my peace - without you.

your Angelika

Today 4th of March 2000 my father
has been taken from us !

Thanks God for giving deliverance.

My father has died peacefully !

Something about my parents

Both of my parents have had 5 sisters. My mother was the oldest, she always was looking for her sisters.
That was her "job" and additional she worked at the family company (hotel, cinema, fishhouse) in her youth.

Later on my father met my mother. My father worked very hard in the company of my mother's family.
In 1950 my parents married. My brother was born in 1956, he didn't wait for the hospital and was born in the car to the hospital, my father was very proud of him.
5 years later I was born and my mother was very proud of me.

In 1960 my parents took over the family hotel.

In our family, we always worked very much and hard. So it was normal that we children had some tasks to do before the school and afterwards. I think that didn't do any harm to us.

In 1980 all of us have had a big hole in our hearts. My mother's youngest sister was taken away from us. She was 40 years old, but she has had cancer.
11 years later my grandma (mother's mum) was taken from us as well.

We didn't have had much contact to my fathers family because they lived in Poland.
Now only 4 sisters of my mother and 2 sisters of my father are alive.

That is life to be born, to life and to die !


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