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Lucky, Looky, Filou and Peppy

My cats

 Lady Lucky in black

 Lady Looky Uin grey
 Tom-cat Filou in wildcolour
Lady Peppy in wildcolour


The Ladies Lucky and Looky
Lucky and Looky are sisters and they are born on 1st of August 2003 at a farm.
6 weeks later they moved to their new home in Hemmingen near Stuttgart.

My little cats were very happy to get to know their new "can opener", named in German "Dosenöffner"  ;-) - and me too. The first 3 months were really very interresting for us altogether.

for the cats:
... when will the food be served - and do we like it ...
... who is coming to visit us ...
... how many places to sleep can we detect ...
... where do we find the best place to dig the claws into it ...

for me:
... will the cats sneak into the bathroom ...
... will Lucky & Looky like the food which I bought for them ...
... are there enough toys at home ...
... will both love me too ...

My cats are the best what I've got in my life.

On 8th of August 2007 Looky passed away way too early!
We are very very mournful and we're missing her so much.
She was seriously sick few months before she died as she was suffering from an incurable disease.






Tom-Cat Filou
a cat of noble pedigree called ABESSINIER (Aby)
born 24th of April 2007
Filou lives since 11th of August 2007 with us in Hemmingen.
When he moved from Überlingen (Bodensee) to us he was just 4 months old.
The first time Lucky and Filou have been very timorous to each other, but on 
the third day they suppressed their fear. 
Lucky adopted him now and Filou loves also his foster mother.
Lucky in action

Lady Peppy
a cat of noble pedigree called ABESSINIER (Aby)
born 27th of February 2008
Peppy moved on 1st of July 2008 to Hemmingen. She is a sister of Filou.
The breeder of both of my Aby's have closed breeding activities, that's why I've bought Peppy.
At the beginnning Lucky looked at Peppy just from a distance. Filou's behaviour was the opposite as he always went to Peppy. But he was stressed due to the new situation - suddenly he had now the companionship of two ladies.
Now all cats eat and sleep together. Most time Peppy and Filou fight in friendship for the places, the toys and Lucky.